We Are 300!

Help Us Create An Army Of 300! Monthly Donors to Strengthen Single-Parent Families

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Help Us Create An Army Of 300! Monthly Donors to Strengthen Single-Parent Families

We Are 300! Strong

Rise Up! Bridge Builders is recruiting 300! brave souls to cement a cornerstone of family bonds against the growing attempts at its destruction!

Bridge Builders has been strengthening Single-Parent homes for 29 years and are concerned with all the current negative statistics surrounding Single-Parent homes. These are not testimonies against Single-Parent homes, they are testimonies of the Devil's focus!

We have a plan of attack, and need your help. As the Lord advised Gideon to go against a massive army with only 300 soldiers, we are being called is to go against the massive army against Single-Parents.

The army of Midianites that Gideon faced seemed endless in number. They had destroyed the Israelite's crops, and stole their livestock.

The army we face that is also seemingly endless? Social media, the army of screens destroying our crops (the Bible) and stealing those we shepherd (our children).

Our plan of attack? Like Gideon we will set our army of 300! into three groups:

10$ Donors

25$ Donors

50$ Donors

The first flank will help us continue our longest running program, Parents Offering Parents Support.

The second will ensure child-care so that our parents are able to attend these programs that will lift them up.

The third will help us offer our newest program, The Single-Hero Project. This program is being built from the ground up at Bridge Builders with a focus of strengthening the bond between a parent and teen, a very crucial juncture for the family. By strengthening the bond between parent and child, we will help reinforce the family structure, the first defense and strongest defense of a household.

Bridge Builders is stepping out in faith, and has already begun the creation of this new and exciting curriculum, and we are beginning our trial run with 3 parent & teen participants to see the initial impact!

By becoming a monthly donor you can begin this wonderful journey that is only starting with The Single-Hero Project!